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Cumberland Drug Treatment Centers provides a free advisory service designed to help you locate the right treatment program to suit your needs. Not all drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs are the same. It's important to ensure you or your loved ones have access to the correct types of treatments to suit your specific needs.

Our experienced advisors have access to a broad network of different rehab centers and treatment facilities, so we're able to direct you to the best ones to match your individual needs. We'll discuss your financial situation, but we are more interested in learning about the type of drug being taken and how long you've been caught in the grip of addiction.

Once we have a bit more information about you, we're able to determine the right type of treatment program that could improve your chances of getting clean and living a healthy, sober lifestyle over the long term.

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Why Can't You Detox At Home?

It's common for many people to believe that an addicted person can stop their drug or alcohol habit by just gathering a bit of willpower and quitting 'cold turkey'. Those people believe the addicted person might go through a couple of uncomfortable days during detox and then they'll miraculously be sober and completely cured of their addiction.

In reality, detox only eliminates the effects of the drug from the body. It does nothing to break the psychological triggers motivating dysfunctional behaviors associated with addiction.

In fact, a person who remains in the same environment and associates with the same people who were already conducive to drug or alcohol abuse is at an increased risk of relapsing back into addictive use after detox. The triggers and factors associated with substance use are still present, so trying to quit using without professional help is more difficult than most people imagine.

Statistics show that a large percentage of accidental drug overdoses occur after a period of detox. When a person abuses drugs or alcohol over a period of time, the body develops a level of tolerance to the substance. The person needs to take higher doses or drink larger volumes in order to achieve the same effects that used to require much less.

However, after detoxing and remaining abstinent for a period of time, the body's tolerance levels are reduced. If the person relapses and tries to take doses similar to what was taken before, the risk of accidental overdose is increased.

What Happens in Rehab Treatment?

Romanticized TV shows and movies give people the wrong ideas about what really happens in drug and alcohol rehab in Cumberland. They imagine sitting around in group meetings, chanting and following 12-step programs. They picture themselves going through the agony of withdrawal symptoms, writhing in pain alone in a tiny room.

In reality, treatment programs for alcohol and drug rehab in Cumberland begin with the detox process. Depending on the type of drug being taken, addiction specialists can administer prescription medications to help alleviate the worst of any withdrawal symptoms and make the detox process more manageable.

When the detox process is complete, a comprehensive treatment program can begin to address the underlying psychological triggers behind addictive substance use. Individual counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy are used to identify each person's unique addiction triggers.

Counseling also begins helping each recovering person develop their own personal relapse prevention strategy. As everyone's triggers and pressure situations are unique to them, the strategies needed to remain clean and sober also need to be tailored to suit.

Most addiction rehab facilities encourage regular attendance at group meetings, as they can be helpful for maintaining motivation for staying sober. Group meetings also provide peer support and help to reduce feelings of isolation throughout the recovery process.

What Happens After Rehab?

Most people think that the recovering person is suddenly cured once they graduate from a treatment program for drug rehab in Cumberland. However, the journey to addiction recovery is just beginning.

The professional advisors at Cumberland Drug Treatment Centers understand that ongoing support and therapy is needed for the majority of recovering addicts after they leave treatment. After all, they need time to learn new ways to live a healthy lifestyle without the need for drugs or alcohol.

The majority of treatment facilities in Maryland provide some level of aftercare services. Addiction aftercare provides a recovering person with a range of resources, tools and support options designed to help them stay sober and avoid returning back into self-destructive behaviors.

If you're ready to break free from the grip of addiction, call Cumberland Drug Treatment Centers advisory service today. Our experienced addiction treatment team can help you find the right treatment program to suit your specific needs (301) 355-2003.

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AA Augusta Hilltoppers Tue, 8:00 PM Tearcoat Bretheren Church Rt 50 East augusta, WV 26704, Augusta, WV 26704
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